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It's That Time of Year

Posted by Mary Jo Hudson on OA10er @ 10:49 AM

It’s That Time of Year


If you are thinking of a song, or the extra hour of sleep soon to come as we roll back the clocks, or pumpkin anything, or Halloween or the impending Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, you are right.  But that is not what I’m going to talk about today.


Many of you know our family has just experienced the month of unbelievable events.  David’s mom had a massive heart attack.  She was in the hospital for a week, the health center for a week, died, and was buried.  And, the day before her funeral and the day after it, our son made 2 trips to the Emergency Room, followed by a 3 day stay in the hospital. 


Which is why I’m writing this article today.  If you are sick, don’t come to church.  If you have a cough or sneezes, or bodily fluid exiting your body, stay home.  PLEASE don’t expose the rest of the world to whatever you have.  Our children are vulnerable (they should stay home, too, if they exhibit any of the above symptoms); the elderly’s immune system may not be strong enough to fight it off.  And no one wants to miss work because someone else HAD to attend church. (We always want you to attend if you are healthy)


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE teach your children to bury their coughs and sneezes in their elbow rather than the hands that touch light switches, door knobs, chairs, paper that is passed to others, chairs, and everything within their reach.  


We aren’t certain what came into our home or how it arrived to change Matthew’s brain chemistry, causing seizure like symptoms.  The doctors cannot pinpoint a cause.  But, a viral infection can do this.  He sneezed twice and had a runny nose for a minute.  That’s enough to send us on a journey we prefer to avoid.  It’s why we quarantine our home for the respiratory illness months.  I hate going to the grocery store.  We are fastidious about hand washing and masking up.  You may not see me for months if I suspect there is anything at schools and church that can be air born and contagious. 


This is a personal issue for my family but it is important for everyone to take a minute and think about the health and safety of others.  It’s the “good Samaritan” thing to do.


That’s the lecture for today.  Now you can continue to ponder the sweet dreams an extra hour of sleep will give you or how you are going to decorate for the holidays or what new dish can be pumpkin flavored.  Enjoy the season and keep yourself and the rest of us healthy!



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