A World of Exclusion...

Rejected. Outcast. Disqualified and unqualified. Unwanted. Left out. Uncool. Unpopular. Too this or not enough that. Too rich or too poor. People like you need not apply. One can easily list all of the situations, organizations, and people who have made them feel like an outsider. Excluded.

But what if there is ONE who will never reject you or forsake you? Who wants to call you friend? Who has accepted you knowing all your faults and failures? What if there was a family - a family so big it was more like a community; a movement. A person and a people who wanted you no matter what? No questions asked? What if you could be ADDED to just such a family? And as a bonus, your life would never look the same again - for the better? Good news: there is such a person and His name is Jesus. He has saved a place for you.

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