The friend of sinners...

Jesus was full of surprises. He surprised people with his words, with his actions, even with the friends he chose. He was often chastised by the religious people of his day for befriending sinners and others who the culture of His day rejected. During this series, we'll explore some of the unexpected friendships of Jesus and how Jesus often goes out of His way to reach the outcasts of society. His love and friendship is extravagant and relentless.

Part 5 - Unlikely Series Part 5 - Unlikely

How do you handle interruptions?


Part 4 - Return Series Part 4 - Return

Many people are so consumed by what they need, they seldom consider who…

Part 3 - Forgiven Much Series Part 3 - Forgiven Much

2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT) 17 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ…

Part 2 - Unlovables Series Part 2 - Unlovables

Is there anyone you would consider unlovable?


Part 1 - Arms Wide Open Series Part 1 - Arms Wide Open

Have you ever lost something important to you? And then found it? How excited…

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