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Read this before buying the bumper sticker...

So, everyone has their favorite Bible verse, right? Sure, we all do! Scriptures guide, instruct, inspire us, and so much more. It only makes sense that we all find that special Bible verse and slap it on our t-shirts, coffee mugs, or bumper stickers. However, there is always a risk when we simply "grab" a verse out of the Bible - we might get it wrong! In other words, when we extract one simple Bible verse from the verses before and after, or the larger story of the Bible - we might inadvertantly cause the verse to say something, well...unintended. Now, what if we told you that very thing has happened already with MANY of our favorite verses! Join us during this series as we show you what favorite Bible verses go right, and which ones got it wrong. Together we'll learn how to read the Bible in such a way as to avoid taking scripture out of context.

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