Deeper Lifegroups are short-term LifeGroups where you can learn what scripture says about money, parenting, leadership, being a better woman or man, or just about anything else under the sun. They are similar to Community LifeGroups, but meet weekly for a short period of time to explore a single topic or common area of interest. Deeper LifeGroups are just that, all about digging ‘deeper’ into your faith.

During the year, Deeper LifeGroups operate in a three semester schedule; Winter, Spring and Fall with breaks in-between that closely correlate to our local school and holiday calendars. Deeper LifeGroup semesters are 10-14 weeks long, depending on the curriculum and topics of study.  Each semester offers a wide variety of options, creating new experiences and opportunities for everyone.

Deeper LifeGroups also are open to all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity; and meet on various nights of the week. There are always one or more Deeper LifeGroups that meet on campus Midweek (Wednesdays 7PM) corresponding to the meeting times for The Night Crew Kids and Amplified Student Ministries (Jr.and Sr. High School). The short-term nature of semesters provide easy ‘on-ramps’ and ‘off-ramps’ to participation so as not to over commit your already busy schedule.

If you are new to Lifehouse, Deeper LifeGroups are a comfortable place to begin exploring discipleship and community through groups.

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