We all have defining moments in our lives—challenging circumstances, relational pain, transitional seasons. How we respond during these times has a direct impact on our futures. Recovery LifeGroups are focused on connecting you to people and resources that are committed to helping you move forward. Group size, meeting times, and locations may vary and are offered periodically as is needed.

At Lifehouse, we offer various Recovery LifeGroups to help you on your journey:
  • Addiction Recovery LifeGroups such as Christ-centered step and accountability programs designed to keep you on track and celebrate small steps of victory.
  • Divorce Recovery LifeGroups designed to help bring healing, health, and restoration to a broken heart and shattered dreams with a focus towards a fresh start.
  • Grief Recovery LifeGroups designed to assist in the challenges and process of dealing with the loss of a loved one.
  • Financial Recovery LifeGroups which will equip you to break free from the bondages of debt and teach you financial stewardship principles that will change your financial legacy.
  • Prison Recovery LifeGroups where regardless of your past you will find acceptance, freedom, and encouragement with others who have also walked a hard path in life and know what it is to struggle with rebuilding their lives.

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